• "I Love You in Hong Kong was an instant favorite at our house. We cannot wait to add books about other cities to our collection."

    -- Jess, Hong Kong

  • "Our son was born in Hong Kong and this book is a beautiful reminder of our happy memories living in Hong Kong."

    --Sarah, Singapore

  • "Only someone with a deep connection to Hong Kong could have created such a thoughtfully written and expressively illustrated book. You will return to I Love You in Hong Kong again and again to discover details and celebrate the city."

    -- Georgia, Hong Kong

  • Alison Shields, Author

    Alison is a wife, mom and interior designer turned children's book author. Originally from the west coast of Canada, Alison has lived in Hong Kong since 2015. She was inspired to write I Love You in Hong Kong for her children and as a love letter to the dynamic, energetic city that she and her family call home.

  • Andrew Aprilio, Illustrator

    Andrew is a freelance illustrator based in Indonesia; he has loved drawing since childhood. Previously working as an architect, he spent most of his spare time drawing before pursuing an illustrator career in 2021. He loves to draw nature, urban landscapes, and all things colorful. He hopes his artwork brings joy and inspiration to everyone.

  • I Love You in Singapore

    Alison and Andrew are currently in the early stages of their collaboration on I Love You in Singapore, the second book in Alison's I Love You in children's book collection. Target publication is August 2024.

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